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About Decastro Tours
Decastro tours offer a high quality of service to its clients as our aim is simply best service and customer satisfaction.

Our company tends to be at you're highest expectations and serve you at the best level by our professional and dedicated staff and management.

Decastro tours was established in 1953 and has been operating tours and developing business for almost 55 years. Now Decastro is one of the leading travel agencies in Egypt.

We are located in the heart of Alexandria, Egypt with another branch in Cairo.
We are a member in the ministry of tourism with license number two in Egypt.
Member of IATA organization.

We are specialized in:
- Outgoing groups and packages.
- Arrange special packages upon customer request to any destination.
- Airline ticketing.
- Tours and excursions inside Egypt.
- Hotel reservation worldwide.
- Hag and Omra.
- Nile cruises packages.
- Short excursions and quick trips.
- Visa facilities for inbound and outbound travelers.
- Railway and sleeper train booking.