Awards Program
Are you looking for a more rewarding travel experience? We invite you to learn more about ways to gain and enjoy the best that Decastro Tours has to offer.

Our Priority Decastro Club rewarding program membership designed for frequent Decastro customers it’s a recognition program full of benefits that make big difference to our precious client.

Some and most of the cards claim explicitly to offer points per miles or flights for various airlines or travel airways, but in fact they award only traveling / tickets i.e. mileage only.

We excluding all airlines companies and agents, we offer actually on the percentage of purchasing increment and we translate it into a numerous awarding program concept.

We are looking for a card that works more like a car rental company’s award system: once a year I could just for example transfer 1000 points from the accumulated cards ‘reward’ balance into equivalent awarding program and prime in each of several accounts which you could specify at the time.

At present our mileage promotions or rewards, when you realize and purchasing any services from our two offices branches, you will enjoy our awards and extra privilege, primes, comfort, complimentary, free night and superior services.

Membership is free, join now, note your member number and receive your rewards card when you make your next purchasing.