For more than two thousands years, Egypt has been one of the great travel destinations of the world. The majestic ruins of its temple and tombs, the fascination of its bazaars and above all the timeless beauty of the ancient river Nile, have never failed to leave and indelible impression on travelers.
We know that a trip to Egypt can enhance and change you're life.

With the unparalleled talents of our team, and the very special difference they make, we invite you to experience that unique Egyptian magic through the eyes of Decastro Tours.
Day Trips Offers  
1- Egyptian Museum & Citadel 
2- Egyptian Museum & Pyramids Museum & Pyramids
3- Giza Pyramids & Old Coptic Cairo Pyramids & Coptic sites
4- Pharaonic village 
5- Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids 
6- Dinner Cruise with Show 
7- Alexandria Day Tour 
8- Fayoum Day tour Fayoum Day tour
9- Hurghada Days Tours 
10- Hurghada Safari Tours 
11- Hurghada - Giftun island Trip 
12- SharmSnorkeling trip to Ras Mohamed or Tiran Island 
13- Sharm - Jeep Safari & Colored Canyon 
14- Sharm - Snorkeling trip to Ras Mohamed or Tiran Island 
15- St. Catherine Over Day 
16- Sharm - Bedouin Dinner 
17- Sharm - Glass Bottom Boat Cruise and Coral Reef Viewing 
18- Asswan - Philae Temple, Aswan High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk 
19- Asswan - Abu Simple Temples 
20- Asswan - Botanical & Elephantine Islands 
21- Luxor - (West Bank) Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut Temple 
22- Luxor - (East Bank) Karnak and Luxor Temples 
23- Luxor - Dandara & Abydos from Luxor. 
24- k k
25- 4 4
26- Cairo Day Trips Day trip ( Giza Pyramids, Sakkara and Memphis)